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Badminton Rackets

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Badminton Rackets and Popular Items

A couple of badminton rackets and one or two shuttle cocks are enough to give you a wonderful time. The game gives more exercise benefits and greater pleasure in so a short time. It’s easy to learn, needs but limited amount of equipment and can be played anywhere. Swing your Yonex racket inside a sophisticated wooden-floored indoor stadium or have a match when on a picnic; you can make a good game of it.

While an Artengo or HEAD racket would be the best, a good quality badminton racket can work like a champ for you. And, of course a properly designed racket is must for avoiding wrist and shoulder strain.

As with most things, shuttle rackets too have gone hi-tech now. Adidas modern manufacturing brings you rackets with T-Joint technology, heat treated steel shafts, aluminium frames and strings that provide added repulsion power and sharp feeling. Earlier-day rackets were either head-heavy or too light-headed asking you to comprise between power and speed. The Tri-Voltage Yonex rackets are almost futuristic; allow you to swing the racket fast, give a resounding thwack and simultaneously precision control your shot.

Cosco, Gosen, Karakal, Li-Ning, Thwack, Victor, Wilson are the famous branded badminton rackets that the famous players use in the championships. These rackets are available in India too with a rider. Unless you are a bit savvy, the prices swing as wildly as any badminton game. PlayGroundOnline is your trusted online sports goods store. The right source for authentic badminton equipment store at the right price.

Badminton Rackets
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