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Body Fuelz – Body Fuelz, the fuel for your workout fire

Playgroundonline presents a range of sports drinks that can help keep fatigue at bay while trying to rehydrate, replenish and rejuvenate so that you can get on with your game. Designed based on the science of rehydration, Bodyfuelz Fastcharge is a product of sports science. No other product in this category can revitalize you and hydro energizes you like the way Bodyfuelz Fastcharge does. Get yours today!

In the middle of a tough game or an adrenaline soaked workout, Gatorade can help you regain strength and refreshes you to drive away fatigue. The World’s No. 1 sports drink is now available on Playgroundonline in orange flavor that fills you up with instant minerals and salts that you had lost during your game. Get your Gatorade today!

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