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Buy Bodyfuelz Fast Charge (1 Kg pack)

Bodyfuelz Fast Charge (1 Kg pack) 

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Bodyfuelz Fast Charge a Scientifically designed sports drink. It is based on the science of Rehydration. No other product in the market has this unique combination.
BODYFUELZ FASTCHARGE with its 3 – system that hydroenergises you for peak performance!
1) 6% OSMOTIC DELIVERY SYSTEM: Only this unique carbohydrate concentration and blend will ensure sustained energy release.
2) 5:1 RATIO ELECTROLYTE REPLENISHER: Rapid loss of water via sweat leads to dehydration, which ultimately reduces performance by upto 30% in an hour. Only a  5:1 Sodium to Potassium electrolyte mix will ensure an immediate uptake of water for instant rehydration.
3) 5-VITAMIN CATALYST ENHANCER: 5 Vitamins serve as catalysts to enhance the Carbo – energy metabolism, releasing more energy from stored reserves in the body. Also free radical protection is ensured with this unique Vitamin C Antioxidant blend. 3 boxes of 4 sachets each (Total of 12 sachets) and Each 31.5g sachet of BODYFUELZ FASTCHARGE is 100% fat free and provides
Calories - 120 cals
Carbohydrates - 30g
Protein - 0g
Fat - 0g
Fibre - 0g
Sodium Chloride - 580mg
Potassium Chloride - 121mg
Vitamin B1 - 0.75mg
Vitamin B2 - 0.75mg
Vitamin B3 - 0.75mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.35mg
Vitamin C - 20mg

Mix 1 sachet of fast charge + 500ml Water Can be used anytime - before/during/after - physical training/matches
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Sodium Chloride:580mg
Potassium Chloride:121mg


Vitamine B1:0.75 mg
Vitamine B2:0.75 mg
Vitamine B3:0.75 mg
Vitamine B4:0.75 mg
Vitamine B5:0.75 mg
Ingredients: Glucose, Sucrose, Minerals and added flavours.
Product Reviews (4)
Average Rating
Decent stuff
Review: By Vishnuraj from Trichur

I been ordering this stuff for my frnds and they says its a good stuff at a decent price.

Excellent Sports Drink
Review: By from Chennai

This product is an excellent isotonic drink Carbohydrates,Minerals & Vitamins.But the MRP of this product inclusive of all taxes is Rs.450.

Excellent Service.
Review: By Mustafa Jaweed from Aurangabad

Bodyfuelz Fast Charge is a nice product which has vitamins in it and was delivered to me the next day after shipping. Thanks to Playground online keep up the good work.

Great Value for Money
Review: By AP from Bangalore

This product is really working well for Tennis which is also recommended. We feel it is better than famous Gatorade. Myself & my son use this during the strenuous work out of 4-5 hrs of tennis. Especially when the muscles (calf & thigh) start cramping after few hours due to lack of minerals, when you have a mixture of 100ml within minutes you feel cramps are getting relieved and you feel energetic. It is not too sweet, so that sweetness does not linger on your tongue after you consume. Sweetness in tongue would make you to take more fluid intake that required. Advise to take small qty more times than gulping entire 500ml of mixture. The 1Kg pack is really cost saving, and can be taken on a small airtight container when you go for tournament

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Bodyfuelz Fast Charge (1 Kg pack) Price in India: Rs.450.00

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