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Caperlan JIGG START 5 5 

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Caperlan JIGG START 5 5
Product Attributes
Accuracy:Great power reserves at the base combined with good flexibility in the tip.
Composition:Blank composition/number of blades: carbon 24t + glass fibres / 2 elements. Handle description: EVA high density collapsible handle adapted to the shape of the jig angler. Reel seat: Screw, resistant to sea water. Numbers and types of ring: 5+1; SIC ri
Designed For:BEGINNER ANGLERS looking for a multi functional rod to start jig type fishing from a boat. Length: 1.68m; Collapsed length: 1.00m, thanks to its collapsible handle.
Grip:EVA high density handle adapted to the shape of the jig angler.
Power:This rod can handle jigs from 100 to 200g.
Restriction of use:Do not use near electricity sources / in storms.
Storage Instructions:Remember to rinse the rod well in fresh water after use in the sea.
Warranty Duration:2 Years
Weight:270g/100 200g
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