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Authority in every stride – cricket shoes

To get a grip on the game of cricket, one has to make sure that he has adorned the perfect pair of cricket shoes. At Playgroundonline, now get professional cricket shoes meant specifically to unleash the pro in you.

Get the ball rolling with cricket shoes from all major brands. Playgroundonline houses everything from Slazenger to Adidas to Nivia and Nike and what’s more, get them all at great prices!

The Slazenger range of cricket shoes comprise of the stud cricket shoe and Slazenger convertible cricket shoe. Adidas has a promising range of cricket shoes with rubber stud shoes like the 22 yds, metal spike shoes like the 22 yds and the half spike shoe like the 22 yds lite.

Nike has studied the craftsmanship of cricket shoes and have produced excellent shoes like the Air Zoom range comprising of the Yorker, Pace and Opener cricket shoes along with the air Googly shoes. Cricket merchandise majors GM presents the original multifunction cricket shoe.

Take your pick from this and many more at great prices, only at Playgroundonline!

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