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Introducing the next generation in fitness machines - Fitcrawl creates the world first horizontal fitness equipment in comfort, efficiency and versatility. Ingenious integrated track system with durable construction, smooth and silent. A super soft knee bowls, flexible foot rests, and various training programs, with heart rate control – all in one package.

Warranty:1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This is being provided by Mayor International, New Delhi.

Installation: Easy to assemble without any professional help.

Post Sale service: This will be provided by Mayor International, New Delhi.
Product Additional Info

  • A great evolution and challenge to traditional fitness & wellness industry.
  • The world first horizontal fitness equipment with patented unique & innovative design.
  • With EN957 & CE quality certificates for safety, mechanical, and control methods.
  • Deluxe & heavy-duty design, improve the quality of life.
  • Easy installation & safe operation.
  • Ergonomic design makes the workouts more efficient.
  • Perfect combination of cardio and strength workouts, high efficiency and timesaving, only five minutes workouts a day can keep every part of our body healthy and vibrant, especially beneficial to sculpt glutes, biceps, deltoids, quads and hamstrings, along with the neck, chest, back, shoulders, arms and core - while reaping cardiovascular training benefits.
  • All in one design in variety workouts, accommodate each individual for any fitness level, whether you're a rookie or pro.
  • Includes workout DVD for easy training

  • Workouts

    1. Hand and Knee FitCrawl

    This is the basic workout way. Just simply hold onto the handle grips and kneel down onto the soft knee pads to move naturally as per the mechanical program. Shake your head and body will improve the workout results.

    2. Knee FitCrawl

    FitCrawl is a fantastic workout for your body but because you’re using the entire body, your arms will tire before your legs, especially when you first start the working out. The Knee FitCrawl allows you to continue on with your leg work out while giving your arms a rest. Gradually your arms will gets stronger and you will be able to increase the time that you can workout the entire body.

    Bear FitCrawl

    This’s an intense entire body workout. Your hands have to hold almost 20% more weight than other FitCrawl Positions. It’s a lot harder than the original position and provides an awesome workout for the arms and legs. Again you can rest by resuming the knee FitCrawl position and go back up into the Bear FitCrawl position once your body has recuperated. Many professional sports teams now use the Bear FitCrawl position as it is such a good but hard workout.Specifications

    Overall size(L*W*H)225×49×55.5 cmN.W./G.W.34 / 38.5kgs
    Package size(L*W*H)208×52.5×17.5 cmMax user weight130kgs / 287 lbs.

    Key Mechanical Features

    Transport wheelsYesGreen poweredYes
    Arm rest width adjustmentYesVersatile workoutsYes
    Handlebar adjustmentsYesIntegrated track systemYes
    SpeedSelf-pacedWater bottleOptional
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