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Quechua - S5 Ultralight Sleeping Bag 

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Quechua - S5 Ultralight Sleeping Bag
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A very good weight / warmth / volume ratio.
Product Attributes
Care Instructions:Avoid washing your bag with other garments or delicate colours. Close the hook-and-loop strap, loosen the hood fully, use 1/3 dose of soap powder and select the synthetic programme, 30°C. Hang to dry in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources, or tumble dry at low heat. Our tip: if you use a liner, you will not need to wash your sleeping bag as frequently, thus preserving its thermal performance over time.
Compact:Volume of compressed bag: 7 liters
Composition:Lining and shell: 100% polyamide. Filling: 100% polyester.
Desinged For:Bivouacking at 5°C
Easy to use:Shell and inner fabric tough Ripstop polyamide. Quick dry.
Freedom of Movement:Mummy style with wide shoulders. Anti-return zip. Can be joined to other bag.
Legal Information:Temperatures tested by an independent laboratory (IFTH) in accordance with European standard EN 13537 - 11/04/2002.
Lightweight:1260g size L
Storage Instructions:To tidy your bag away easily, push it into the stuff sack starting with the bottom. Take the bag out of its stuff sack and store it in a dry place to retain the loft necessary for thermal performance.
Thermal properties:Comfort at 5°C, min 0°C (Euro standard). Collar, zip with cold proof flap.
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Quechua - S5 Ultralight Sleeping Bag Price in India: Rs.2999.00

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