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Quechua - FORCLAZ 30 AIR NEW 

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Quechua - FORCLAZ 30 AIR NEW
Product Attributes
Battery life:Does not include waterbladder and hiking poles.
Composition:Outer fabric: 100% polyester lining: 100% PA; padding: 100% polyethylene.
Designed For:The hikes in the day in all weather conditions.
Easy maintenance:Back very airy Tensioners. Chest strap.
Glide Performance:Bags certified Air Cooling underwent a laboratory test to measure the effectiveness of the ventilation system of the portage: a heating and seating manikin to measure scientifically and objectively the ability of the bag limit sweating. This label is onl
Handling:The volume of each backpack is measured by a standardized method: we use small balls to fill the main compartment as well as every pocket. Then emptied the bullets into a graduated container, which then gives us the volume in liters.
Lightweight:Pockets: a int., ext 2. + Mesh pockets, 1 belt. Door sticks.
Positioning:52 x 35 x 27cm Height x Width x Depth.
Sun protection:30 liters / 1.1 Kg / h 52 l 35 * 27 * p.
Support:5 year money back guarantee.
Tested:All our rucksacks have been tested in use by representative users of those for whom the products are designed, under conditions identical to those you can find in use. In particular, our Testing Missions, associate product manager to persons not affiliat
Warranty Duration:5 Years
Product Reviews (1)
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Totally worth it!
Review: By Samved from Navi Mumbai

Product with an excellent build quality & utility. Ideal for a day''s outing. The capacity is a little constrained though.

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Quechua FORCLAZ 30 AIR NEW Price in India: Rs.3749.00

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