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Buy SSN Carbo Force Protien(11 LBS)

SSN Carbo Force Protien(11 LBS) 

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Any physical activity but especially intense exercise, required a recovery after phase begins immediately after the exercise and lasts roughly 30 minuules to pre exercise levels. It is followed by intermediate recovery phase, which last between 90 minuts to two hours. During this phases, the body beings to restore sluids by a process called rehydration. This is the most critical phase of recovery, which requires intake of carbohydrates should be ingested as soon after an event or training session.
Finnally in the longer phase of recovery which can last from 2 to 20 hours. carbohydrate riplenishment continues. It is during this longer phase recovery that the damage done to the muscle by heavy exercise is repaired.
SSN's Carbo Force is specifically designed to help athletes recover from post exercise strain & restore muscle stregth & intergrite quicks & efficiently. Carbo-force contains long chain glucose polymer maltodextrin as its sole source of carbohydrate from natural sources & contains no refined sugars.
Furthermore this unique source of carbohydrate has neither fat nore cholesterol. It has the pleasant natural flavor, allowing you to mix it with a beverage of your choice, If you exercise regularly, regardless of the intensity of exercise, Carbo-force will help you to restore muscle strength, enhance performance & promote good health.

Serving size : 1scoop (30g)

Serving per container : 83                        Per serving                                       Per 100g


120 cals

400 cals


0 g

0 g


30 g

100 g


0 g



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Usage:Energy Endurance
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SSN Carbo Force Protien(11 LBS) Price in India: Rs.2287.00

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