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Buy Yonex Nanospeed 7000 Badminton Racquet

NANOSPEED is YONEX's most head-light series. It is designed for players with a naturally quick swing and a sharp attacking playing style. NANOSPEED facilitates a fast swing and sharp offensive play via the exceptionally light head. For players seeking subtle control and more repulsion power. 

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Traditional racquet constructions increase the thickness of graphite or carbon fibre layers for high strength, which adds weight to the frame and makes a racquet difficult to manoeuvre.

The Yonex nano-structure uses nano-size particles of Fullerene (a compound composed of carbon atoms - 1 Fullerene molecule is comprised of 60 carbon atoms) and carbon. This engineering process gives Yonex sensitive control over how the racquet materials function at the molecular level thereby establishing a high-performance molecular bond and creating a stable, thinner and stronger headlight racquet.
Product Attributes
Balance:4 Head Light towards Even
Color:Pearl White/Red
Frame Composition:HM Graphite
Head Shape:Square/Isometric
Player Level:Advanced
Player Type:All Round / Offensive
Shaft Composition:HM Graphite
Weight:85 89.9 gms -3U
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Yonex Nanospeed 7000 Badminton Racquet Price in India: Rs.9065.00

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