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Yonex badminton rackets are the favourite weapons of shuttle champions around the world. From the world’s fastest rackets to intelligent battledores that store and then release energy, Yonex gives you precise shot-making ability. If you want a fast and controlled swing and push the opponent to the back of the court, this top international brand has the right racket for you.

Precision designed variations in frames, shafts, grip sizes, and strings offer a truly wide choice. Shafts with stiff, very stiff, middles flex and other flexibility options let you combine smashes and quick returns and generally dominate the game. Racket frames sport an aerodynamic profile and cleverly crafted varying widths at the sides and at the bottom for that exceptional balance you need when going for a smash or a subtle drop.

Built-in T-joints and sound filters are power features found in select models of Yonex rackets. The embedded sound filters make a resounding sound on impact, giving you an aggressive edge. Similar special abilities make Yonex the world’s most popular brand in badminton rackets and you can be sure of picking the one to match your playing style.

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