Blackjack Guide

Multiple varieties of blackjack can now be found in every online casino today. You can generally find anywhere from 5 different varieties up to in some cases as many as 40 or more different varieties. This game is really easy to play and it’s a fast-paced game which is what makes it so appealing to millions of online gamblers. You can generally play most online blackjack games in the real money mode or in the free play mode and you can usually play either instantly in your browser, from your smartphone or tablet device and/or from within a perfectly secure casino download client.

The aim of blackjack is to try and beat the dealer by reaching as close to 21 points as possible. You will initially be dealt two cards and you only have to try and beat the dealer. Although you may be playing with other people at the same table, you don’t have to try and beat them. The best possible hand is known as a Natural Blackjack and this is when you are dealt a Jack and an Ace. A Jack is worth 10 points and an Ace is worth 1 or 11 points. Therefore if you add the Jack and the Ace together (in this case the Ace is worth 11 points), you will have 10+11 = 21 points. A 10, Queen and King are also worth 10 points, so 21 points can also therefore be achieved in just 2 cards when you’re dealt an Ace with a Queen, King or Ten. All of the other cards are worth their face value in points.

You need to start by placing a bet and the minimum cost per hand is generally $/€/£1.00. As soon as you have placed a bet and hit draw/deal new hand, new cards can be dealt around the table. Additional betting options will then instantly become available when it’s your turn, but you won’t be able to use these options if you are dealt a Natural Blackjack on your first two cards. The new betting options are designed to help you try and improve your current hand. The only way that you couldn’t win with a Natural Blackjack is if the dealer is also dealt a Natural Blackjack, in which case the game would result in a tie (aka PUSH) and you would get your initial stake returned. If you end up with more than 21 points, you will go BUST, which means it’s game over.

The dealer will also be dealt two cards, but one of his cards will be face up so that you can see roughly what he is holding. You may want to take insurance if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, but this betting option is up to you. The dealer generally has to draw to 16 and must stand on all 17s. You can SPLIT your cards, which is a good idea if you have two aces. You can STAND/HOLD (which means that you are happy with your hand and don’t want to make another move), at which point it will be the dealers turn, or you can take one or more card(s) to try and improve your hand.

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