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Gym ball exercises
Strong PVC Gym Ball. (Dia 55 cm; Other sizes are also available) 

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The gym ball or exercise ball is bouncing into homes and gyms all across the country. Now for the first time, one simple product improves strength, endurance, and flexibility. The gym ball is incredibly VERSATILE, surprisingly CHALLENGING, and amazingly EFFECTIVE. But best of all - it MAKES EXERCISING FUN!! The beauty of the gym ball is in the BALANCE training. Training on it's round rolling surface challenges your body in ways not possible with ordinary floor exercises or conventional equipment. It's wonderful for core stability exercises. The gym ball exericse ball is perfect for isolating the buttock, thigh, lower back, and abdominal muscles, and it's the newest way to get a great low-impact aerobic workout.

Exercise balls are recommended by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers. Whether your goal is flexibility, strength, or aerobic fitness, the gym ball does it all! Gym ball exercise balls are also known as stability balls, flexibility balls, flex balls, stretch balls, yoga balls, fit or fitness balls and workout balls.

Strong PVC Gym Ball with 4" Foot Pump.

Product Reviews (26)
Average Rating
Review: By Shravya from Chennai

This is really a great, multi-use ball. We didnt have any problem with the pump. We inflated, deflated several times and absolutely no problem. "Value for money"

great service
Review: By AMIT from Chandigarh

you have very good service and product also have good and original.

Cosco Gym Ball
Review: By TRIPTI from LUCKNOW

Very satisfied with the delivery process and the the Ball is doing great. Am already feeling the difference while doing my exercises. Should have gone for it earlier.

Good Product
Review: By Anuj from Bangalore

Its a real good product, durable and is lasting till now, the pump provided is really useful, its not high tech pump but gets the job done easily as its a foot pump compared to normal push pump. The ball seal provided is also of good quality and holds in place, all in all a good product to purchase from playgroundonline.

A Perfect & Durable Gym Ball
Review: By Deepak from Surat

I was hesitant to purchase a Product Online but I received the Cosco Gym Ball in perfect condition from Playground Online and even after 3 Months of Rough use, the ball is still in its original condition. I wish playground online can also give us the opportunity to choose the Color of the Ball.

Simply Great
Review: By Sudipta from Kolkata

Its just great. But there is no option to choose the color. Very much satisfied.

Cosco Gym Ball
Review: By Romeshkumar from Pune

Its a very good product for the price. I have now used it for over a month and not seen any issues. Tried the pump few times for inflating and its pretty easy. Overall very satisfactory product.

Good Product fast delivery
Review: By Sandeep from Pune

very good product and quick and prompt delivery

Versatile Product
Review: By Junaize from Calicut

Versatile product for fun & work.

Product worth the money
Review: By santosh from Bangalore

I was waiting for the delivery to happen and I am now satisfied with the product. I will certainly purchase more from this site

Excellent Product
Review: By Rajesh from Mumbai

Really it is very good product. Initially I was hesitent to buy, but playgroundonline has deliverd excellent product.

Cosco Gym Ball
Review: By Avadhesh from INDIRAPURAM ,GHAZIABAD

Very good product and nice to keep the same in house for doing all exrecises . Even my son is like that and palying with it .

Cosco Gym Ball - great buy
Review: By Surajit from Chennai

The product that was delivered to me was, frankly, beyond my expectation - in a positive manner. The ball was sunrise yellow in color (normally I had seen only grey ones), had a free and handy pump to inflate and is extremely good for usage. Higly recommended. This will be a very good buy at a reasonable cost.

Cosco Gym Ball
Review: By Kumar from Chennai

Very satisfied with the delivery process and the the Ball is doing great. The ball was sunrise yellow in color had a free and handy pump to inflate and is extremely good for usage. I wish playground online can also give us the opportunity to choose the Color of the Ball.

Good Product
Review: By Ravish from Pune

I bought this product to be able to do more stomach crunches than I could do when lying on the floor. The gym ball is great, its better because it protects the lower back which was always sore when doing them on the floor. It was a great price and was very easy to pump up.

Cosco Gym Ball
Review: By poonam from Delhi

excellent quality

Cosmo ball 65 cms review
Review: By Prasanth from ERNAKULAM

Product is good, but similar product wth 65 cms of Reebok is still far bigger in size. No other issues, because of small size, ab curls are not effectively possible.

Got the 65cms ball !
Review: By Gopal from Kalna

Really a super fast delivery (within 2 days the item reached me from Bangalore to a remote small town of West Bengal). Product is good, as expected, soft and sticky surface. The pump is soft, potent and easy to use. But the black washers are weak and one was deformed and the nozzle with the valve was loose. It should be checked before delivery. Myself and my 18 years old son tried to fill it but after some try we failed to make a globe of 65cm diameter. We could inflate up to 59-60cms. The air lock(plug) is perfect but once inserted, very difficult to take out when necessary. However , we are over satisfied and my son(18), myself (57), my wife(45) all are playing with it. I am going to place order for another one for one of my friends.

Must Buy Gym Ball
Review: By Vikas from Delhi

This Cosco gym ball is too good to be missed! Very budget priced, good quality,works great. My friends also ordered it after me!

Take a step towards a healthy you.
Review: By Rishabh from Delhi

Good equipment to start your own gym. Quality is best at this price.

Nice and Dependable
Review: By Kaish from Bhubaneswar

Works as an exercise ball, play ball and a bean bag. Pleased, very much.

Very good quality
Review: By Sushma from Hyderabad

Excellent material. Has amazing thickness and very nice feel! A must have for any gym!

Review: By Mallika from New Delhi

As shown on website, this is good product.

Excellent Service
Review: By Raja from Balrampur

I have ordered this product on got the delivery with in 4 days. They are so good ......Guys keep it up

Very excellent products of playgroundonline
Review: By Arijit from kolkata

very good.

Review: By Rajesh from Hyderabad

very good item to have

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