What are RNG's and How they Work?

The Random Number Generator is the mathematical program which consistently produces a series of random outcomes/results that have no visible patterns. Random Number Generators (aka RNG’s) are used at online casinos to keep things as fair and realistic as can be. The results are therefore not completely down to lady luck, although the results are still random. They are actually being determined by a mathematical algorithm program that has been made by a human being.

Online casino testing agencies will constantly test online casino RNG’s to make sure that they are working properly and that they are producing results that are as fair and realistic as can be. If you notice that the results have a strange pattern when playing on any online casino game, you should report your findings to the player support. If the support is reluctant to help you, you should report your findings (preferably with proof) to the licensing authority that has issued the casino an online gambling license.

It could be that you are playing at a rogue online casino where the operator has tampered with the software to produce less than fair results, or it could just be that there is an actual problem with the software or with the actual random number generator. Either way, the support should be able to help you, but faulty RNG’s are quit uncommon today, especially at trustworthy online casinos. You will probably never encounter such a problem in more than ten years of playing at any of our featured online casinos.

Online casino testing agencies will also play on the games to test the average payout rates. For example they could play a total of 1,000,000 spins on a particular slot and then based on how much money was spent and how much was returned will tell us the average payout rate. At most online casinos this value will range from 93.00% up to 98.00$. Sometimes it may be slightly lower than 93.00%, but it can also be slightly higher than 98.00%.

When you play on an online slot machine, or when you play one hand of online blackjack, it may seem as though the cards are randomly being dealt to your from the shoe or it may it may seem as though the reels are actually spinning like on a real mechanical slot machine. In fact, this is just an illusion. We know that the results are being produced by RNG’s, but you have to trust that these results are fair. Just because you keep losing your cash each time doesn’t mean that the RNG is not working properly. You probably wouldn’t complain if you kept winning.

All of our featured online casinos use Random Number Generators that are tried and tested on a regular basis. The results are designed to be as fair as can be. In other words, you have nothing to worry about when playing in the real money mode at sites like All Slots Casino, 888 Casino, Maple Casino and Gossip Slots Casino.